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Trigger Bot

For McHacks 2017, my team and I made TriggerBot. TriggerBot is a bot that takes in messages from a user, analyzes the sentiment of the message, and responds with an appropriate reply. During the conversation, it has a mood state that varies depending on the messages the user provides, and the messages TriggerBot responds. This mood is the same value for all users talking with TriggerBot, and is updated real-time whenever someone makes a positive/negative comment. TriggerBot also has speech-to-text capabilities, so the user can speak to the bot as an alternative to typing.

The main functionalities of TriggerBot came from several APIs provided at McHacks 2017, including IBM Watson Analytics (speech recognition), Lexalytic’s Semantria (sentiment analysis), and Cleverbot API (conversational AI).

Made with ❤️ and: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS